Thursday, April 26, 2018


I  am pleased to have Wendy Scott on my blog this week. She is an accomplished and award winning author. I met Wendy through Rave Reviews Book Club and Rave Writer's International Society of Authors. Please give her a warm welcome as she promotes her wonderful book, "Tails."

                              by WJ Scott
   A heart-stopping, tail-dropping adventure by multi-award
                            winning author WJ Scott

                        For story-lovers 8 to 108

                                    Sometimes loss is the only thing that saves you...

Tails Review by award-winning author & editor, Belinda Mellor:

     "Tails" is a classic 'hero's journey' story, a coming of age adventure for Kywah, a young silvertail on the cusp of maturity, whose hopes for taking his place amonghis pack's adult community have seemingly been dashed by the loss os his kind's most prized asset: his tail. A silvertail's tail is in its connection to its environment and its fellow pack members. Sadly, the magic it contains is not only prizes by the creatures but by human magicians, whose power is waning but whose ambition is not.

       When fate intervenes and Kywah sets out on a mission to find the deep magic that will protect his pack from hunters eager to earn the wizard's bounty he finds help and friendship in the most unliekly places, and danger around every corner.

         This is a rich and multi-layered story that will appeal to a wide age-range. Wendy Scott is an exciting author who has a real gift for storytellintg and world building and Kywah is a delightul protagonis who will have readers rooting for his success and redemption every step of his arduous journty. The pastel hued world the silvertails inhabit is one that readers will look forward to revisiting in (hopefully) many books to follow.

Wendy welcomes you to contact her, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and her website.



  1. Many Thanks, Karen, for featuring Tails on your beautiful blog.

    1. You are quite welcome. I loved the book "Tails" and ordered a paperback for one of my grandsons.

  2. Happy to see Wendy here. This book is on my must read list. I have been looking forward to reading it. It sounds like it has everything I love in a book:) Great post!

    1. Thanks D.L. - Tails was written for my son, so I would have something I wrote I could read to him.