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Hello! My name is Joan K. Lacy, and Karen was kind enough to give me an opportunity to introduce myself. To begin, I grew up in the country outside of San Diego, CA. I spent most of my time outdoors with horses, dogs, and animals of all types. I started drawing in early childhood, first with pencils, then charcoal and oil painting, and later I became interested in sculpting. First, I used the traditional lost wax method, then I realized animal faces interested me the most so I now sculpt wild and domestic animal portraits in bas-relief.

I read a lot when I was young, and my interest in languages and travel began when I was young. I studied French and Spanish all through high school. On a student exchange to Mexico City, I met people and practiced speaking their language. That kind of practice also worked well for me during the year I lived in Europe. Best year ever! I didn't start writing seriously until a few years ago. Now I draw on my interests from travel adventures to science, to magic, and to archaeology, and put them all in my stories. 

                                            THE ALEX CORT ADVENTURE SERIES
I'd also like for you to know about the Alex Cort Adventure Series, my six-book series of magical adventures I'm writing. Coming out in late Spring 2018 is A Shadow Away, Alex Cort's first adventure -- searching for the mythical lost city of El Dorado in the Brazilian jungle. He's joined by an eccentric archaeologist (Andrew Seaton) and a young woman (Angel) who calls herself a witch. I've always been fascinated by ancient legends, and writing about magic and adventures filled with magicians, sorcerers, mysterious beings, and mythical creatures is fun.
An Excerpt:
Chapter 1: Unexpected

The cell I left at home started ringing as I rounded the back of
my house. I raced across the terrace, wrenched open the door,
and grabbed the phone off the kitchen counter. “Hello!”
“… lex,… office trashed… kicked in ….”
“Andrew—You’re breaking up. What happened?”
“… need to talk—”
The phone cut out again, then dropped the call. I hit speed dial.
No response.
I was dripping on the tile floor after a chilly January morning run
along the hills behind my house. I needed a shower, but my partner in
adventure was in trouble, so I didn’t linger over the view of sagebrush
canyon and the city of Los Angeles below.
After a quick wash, I pulled on the first pair of jeans I could find
and a rumpled but still wearable plaid shirt, then slid into a pair of
loafers and tossed my favorite old corduroy jacket over my shoulder.
I grabbed my keys, and the adrenaline rush spiked as I raced out the
door and vaulted into my vintage Jag convertible. Glad I’d left the top
down. Saved time.

Chapter 2: A Shadow Away

My name is Alex Cort, art theft investigator for the Carter Museum
here in L.A. I receive emergency calls from time to time from other
clients, but this was different. Real panic filled Dr. Seaton’s voice, and I
was on my way to his office to find out why. I reached for the ignition,
but in such a hurry that the keys slipped out of my hand and dropped
between my feet. Cursing in frustration, I reached down to find them.
“Did you drop these?”
I stopped rummaging under the seat and peered up at a young
woman leaning over the passenger door with her hand stretched out
toward me. I saw a flash of light, and my keys suddenly materialized,
dangling from her fingertips. I thought I must be mistaken, just
seeing a trick of light and shadow because I was distracted and in
a hurry.
I was wrong, and it was only the beginning. I looked up from my
keys into the bluest eyes I’d ever seen, and a very attractive and unusual
woman entered my life. Tall and slender, not too thin, and the dress
that matched her eyes clung with just enough curve to look softly
feminine. I had questions, but no time to ask. I took the keys and
smiled regret that I couldn’t stay.
“Thanks. Don’t know how you found them, but I’m glad you did.”
I pushed the key into the ignition. “I have to leave, I’m sorry.”
Her mouth softened in a slow smile, steady blue eyes regarded me.
“Well,” I hesitated. She made me wish I could stay. “Thanks again.”
“Wait. I’d like to go to the museum with you.”
My chest tightened in surprise. “You know where I’m going?”
“Yes, and about you, too, Alex.”
My brow furrowed in suspicion. “How do you know my name?”
“Come on. I’ll explain on the way.”
This mysterious woman did have some explaining to do, and the
way she looked at me made me want to hear it. Curiosity overrode
caution. "Okay--but don't know when I'll be getting back."

I've always enjoyed books that capture my imagination, so I want to take you on an adventure -- create pictures with words to bring you in so you can lose yourself in another magical world. I write these adventures for everyone who'd like to learn interesting things about this world, its people, and their myths and legends. I hope you come to love these characters and are sorry when their story is over. But, don't worry -- another adventure is waiting!

I like characters with personality, who can carry on conversations I want to be a part of. I think well-drawn characters with distinctive voices make adventures entertaining. Alex Cort is basically me, with a curiosity about this world. He's not afraid of taking chances, though magic is a mystery to him (not to me). Archaeologist Andrew Seaton gives me the opportunity to share everything I've learned from science to superstition, and Angel has her own kind of magic. With her, I can write about fantasy and supernatural mysteries.

I love the characters I write about, and they suggest story ideas just by being who they are. I even enjoy research, so I do a lot of that after I'm inspired by the location of a new story. Besides what I learn from books, I use my imagination, and personal experience. If you have a story in you, you'll find writing is easy when you're writing something you're passionate about. Try it!

So many books today are set in dystopian worlds, with depressed or stressed characters. I realize this is likely a reflection of the world we live in, but I prefer to offer an alternative: entertaining stories for adults and young people who want to read stories with a more positive approach. I hope these books bring the fun of adventure and magic into your life, and that you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them!

I've also started a weekly blog (http://joanklacy.com/joan-k-lacy-blog) featuring my take on the writing process, from the first brilliant idea to the rocky road of publishing. If you have other topics you'd like to discuss, have something to add, or just want to voice your opinion, I'd love to hear from you!

Check out my profile page here on LinkedIn, Goodreadsand on Facebook
Visit my website at www.joanklacy.com to learn more about me and the Alex Cort Adventure Series.
I enjoyed chatting with you, and I'd love to hear from you!
Magical adventure author Joan K. Lacy combines research and imagination to create the Alex Cort Adventure Series, a series of metaphysical, fantasy adventure books, including A Shadow AwayAll Under Heaven, and more forthcoming stories. You can also find her on FacebookGoogle+, Goodreadsand LinkedIn.

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