Sunday, February 4, 2018


B. J. Bassett is a writer, teacher, and speaker whose "forte as a writer and teacher is to inspire and motivate others to reach their dreams." She writes short stories, articles, does book reviews, greeting cards, work-for-hire, and devotionals. Please leave Ms. Bassett a comment or feel free to ask her a question.  

                                      OUR WRITING IS A GIFT WE GIVE TO OTHERS

Ask any writer why they write and you’ll receive a variety of answers. Money isn’t usually one of them.

I write because it’s like an itch that has to be scratched. For me writing is like breathing, and it’s a calling. I like to inspire others with my writing. I also like to see my name in print. (That’s my ego part.)

I also treasure writing. I have a letter from my grandfather written on the day I was born. (He died when I was five.) Another letter I treasure is written during the Civil War by one of my husband’s relatives.

I saved all the letters our youngest daughter wrote to us when she was away at college. Later I put them in an album for her. When our middle daughter was stationed in Germany, while serving in the Air Force, she wrote of her adventures. Those letters were put into a scrapbook for her as well. I also have 25 years of Christmas letters I wrote in an album. They contain our family’s history, as well as a keepsake.

Letters from my little brother written while he was stationed in Vietnam are precious to me. After he lost his life there, I took my first writing class. Later, I read that when you lose someone close to you, you may take on one of his or her characteristics. My brother was passionate about writing.

A friend writes to her children about anything and everything. She mails them to herself and when they arrive she puts them into a decorated box for each of her adult children to open after her death. She calls them Letters from Heaven. When the boxes are full, she seals them. She has accumulated several boxes for each of her children. What a treasure they will be to them someday.
Our writing is a gift we give to others. Not all writers are published, yet their gift can touch a heart.


She co-authored a children’s devotional, My Time with God, with over 55,000 copies sold while it was in print. Her novels include Lily and Gillian’s Heart. Sweet Charity will be released in May 2018.

She teaches writing workshops at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, and at conferences.

She has four grown children and three grown grandsons. A native Californian, she now lives with her husband of 59 years in Roseburg, OR.

When she isn’t writing, teaching or speaking, she enjoys reading, jigsaw puzzles, knitting, munching warm scones oozing with butter and strawberry jam and sipping earl grey tea.


  1. What a nice way to put writing is a calling! I love how your friend is saving boxes with Letters From Heaven for her kids. That is a thoughtful and beautiful gift to her children. I just cleaned out my closet and found I couldn't' throw away letters from loved ones. Too precious. Sounds like some more books to add to my reading list. I love the cover Gillian's Heart. I would love to be there right now!

    1. I too loved the idea of saving letters. I often think about my dad and uncle throwing away the love letters between my great-grandparents! So sad.
      Thank you for sharing.

    2. Thank you for your kind words. They keep a writer going. Encouragement is so precious.