Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I have been an avid book reader and lover of books all my life. It began when my grandmother read books to me, probably when I was just a toddler. Both my mother and grandmother were avid readers. My mother loved Erle Stanley Gardner books and Grandma read historical and biographical books.

           Here are some fun facts about book lovers. See if any of them fit you.

1. They have great imaginations.

2. They like to escape to foreign places or become other people through their minds only.

3. Readers like to learn: historical, biographical, scientific, and geographical. The most popular fiction books are romance, crime, fantasy, and horror; for non-fiction it is cooking, biographies, medical/health, and history.

4. Most readers like the feel, smell, and look of a hard-bound or paperback book, but some do enjoy the ease of using an e-book. Only 27% of Americans prefer e-books.

5. Readers enjoy sitting in a comfortable chair, on a beach lounge chair, propped up in bed, or while on a crowded bus, train, or plane for distraction.

6. Speaking of distraction: readers like to read a book rather than listen to mundane chatter, ease off impatience, or escape the hustle and bustle around them.

7. As a child I would hide under the blankets with my flashlight just to read one more chapter despite Mother's instructions, "It's time for bed." I still hide under the blanket with my I-phone in the early morning hours so that I won't wake up my husband.

8. Favorite pasttimes at our grandparent's house was to look at the pictures from Saturday Evening Post, Look, and National Geographic magazine. We would read various articles as they appealed to our interests and reading skills.

9. Avid readers often become authors.

10. An important fact: reading to young children stimulates their brains and imaginations. They will probably become part of the 91% who will read at least 6 books in a year. 

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  1. I love this list Karen! I can agree with the entire list:)

    1. Thank you. I loved putting this list together. Your name goes into the bowl for the drawing.

  2. Awesome list, Karen. I agree with all of them, and per #10 have my own parents to thank for my love of reading and writing!

    1. Parents play such a vital role in our lives and the love of books is no exception. I will put your name in the bowl for the drawing.