Friday, September 15, 2017


Gordon Bickerstaff is an accomplished author extraordinaire of mysteries, intrigue, and murder stories. He is a member of Rave Reviews Book Club (

I recently read his book Tabula Rasa, which is a page-turning novel of intrigue and murder with Gavin Shawlens as the lead character. The premise of the book is that a hundred years ago, a wealthy family of visionaries prophesied the devastation that global warming would bring to world food supplies. They prepared for the worst and embarked on an ambitious plan of revolution.

Here are some reviews:

This is a fast-moving, action thriller that never fails to deliver. This particular story focused less on Biochemist, Gavin Shawlens and more on the Lambeth Group's agent Zoe Tampsin, which I found really refreshing. Bickerstaff has a style that draws you into the story and never lets you go. (Rea)

A super exciting thriller. Lots of twists and turns just the way I like my mysteries. Mr. Bickerstaff has mastered the thriller genre and kept me up reading this novel in one sitting. This series has a cast of characters that are easy to want to follow. The subject matter is timely and fascinating. Fast, fun and dangerous. Perfect.  (Lynda Filler)

A fast paced, action-packed story of intrigue, murder, and a new order for the planet Earth. Zoe, her brother Michael, and friend Gavin all work together to save most of the earth's population from annihilation by a group of scientists.
Well written and highly recommend this book.  (Karen Ingalls)

Here is a link to his other books:


  1. Great reviews! Sounds like a book I would enjoy...Adding to my Kindle.

    1. It was a great book, which is true for his other books.

  2. Thanks Karen! Gordon is such a supportive RRBC tweeter and I'm making it my business to get to know his writings better, this year! And not to forget mentioning his fabulous reviews - congratulations, Gordon!

    1. Gordon's writings are very professional and it is interesting to read the scientific basis for his plots.