Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I love the idea to create a short story using a very limited number of words. Nicola Auckland ( often has one of only six words based on a certain prompt word. Recently the prompt word was FUNNY. My entry was She yelled at Lookout Mountain, "Lookout."

Here are some short stories written by me of 20 words or less on any subject.

     1. He sailed around the lake, dark clouds blew in. An angel in the clouds guided him back to port safely.

    2. "You have cancer." Tears filled her eyes. Surgery and chemo were treatments. "You are cured." Joy filled her eyes.

    3. The tall grass swayed in the wind. A heron dove in the lake and caught a fish in his bill.

    4. The ladies' mouths talked non-stop. Empty. Gossip. Unkind. One asked, "Would we say this if Jesus were standing here?"

    5. The iced tea was soothing and cold. The sun was hot. My fan cooled my face.

    6. Bocelli's tenor voice soothed my soul. I soared up to the heavens and floated with the angels.

    7. Best inventions are zippers, paper clips, pencils/erasers, computers, & i-phones. Life is so-o-o-o much easier.

    8. Baked bread, orange blossoms, roses, and apple pies are the best smells. Life is more beautiful because of them.

    9. They held hands. Their eyes locked deeply. Words of love exchanged. Their locked lips were a perfect fit.

    10. The father stood at attention. He removed his hat and saluted. Old Glory waved in the wind.

        Now, please share some of your short, short stories. I would love to read them.

                                                      Thank you for stopping by. 
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