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A challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow; to become a better person; to be a positive example to others.

The book, "Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir" shares how I met and continue to meet the challenge of the disease: cancer.

In it I write about the healthy ways I have always met difficulties in my life. Abuse, divorce, alcoholic parents, untimely deaths and cancer have been my biggest challenges.

Here are just a few ways I cope with adversity: I believe in the power of faith, which for me is God and his Son, Jesus. Part of my  faith is to do daily meditation (deep prayer) and asking for guidance, support, and forgiveness.

I also try to utilize the power of positive thinking and surrounding myself with positive people and events.

Journaling has been a part of my life since a preteen. I wrote poems, short stories, a novel, and daily wrote in my diary or notebook. I never told anyone about my writing until I was diagnosed with cancer. I finally trusted a friend who I knew would not ridicule my writing and shared my cancer journal. Her words, "You must get this published" changed my life and opened me to the world I had always dreamed about...being an author.

Do not let the words "ovarian cancer memoir" stop you from reading this book. Though you will learn about ovarian cancer which is in itself very important, you will learn healthy ways to cope with whatever challenges you might be facing or will someday face. "...the beauty of the soul, the real me and the real you will outshine any..." difficulty, disease, stress, or mental, physical, spiritual challenge.

Here is a brief excerpt: 
     Dad taught me to be strong and resourceful. Now I needed to embrace those qualities not as a cancer victim, but as a survivor. I prayed for strength and wisdom while I faced cancer and all that came with it. That day, I went a long way on my journey of acceptance toward my soon-to-be baldness. It was not easy, and I knew it all due to my vanity, which was a life lesson. I was not as strong as Athena or Janice...but they were role models and inspirations to me. I wanted someday to be bald and proud of it.
                                 "There's an answer to the suffering you see, and though
                                 it isn't easy, it's still as simple as you and me."  (Author unknown)

I am celebrating my ninth year of surviving this cancer so I have a gift for each of you:
My book in ebook format is free on June 5 & 6 at

OR I will send you a signed paperback copy for just $3.00 to cover postage. Send $3.00 to PayPal and email me your address at

Kathy writes: I love this book. It is very clear and well written. I am dealing with chemo now so I found the book very encouraging.
Karen writes with a very positive outlook and sincerity even when she is communicating about her difficult days, the fear and sadness.

I bought the book from Amazon and chose to have it sent directly from the author. It came very quickly and included a special personal note from Karen.

I highly recommend this book for anyone dealing with any type of serious health issue.

Gwen writes: A book of harsh beauty, OUTSHINE takes the reader through the horrors of advanced ovarian cancer to the blessings of hope, faith and modern medicine. Ingalls writes gracefully and eloquently about how she faced her diagnosis, sharing details both frightening and sorrowful. This is a book for anyone with cancer and anyone who loves someone with cancer. Isn't that all of us?

                                       THANK YOU!

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