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It is my pleasure to introduce Michael Parker, who is my guest blogger this week. He resides in the United Kingdom where he enjoys the art of writing. He is the author of many books which are thrillers. Leave a comment or question and you may well win the ebook of "Where the Wicked Dwell."

            Where the Wicked Dwell

As a stand-alone author, my stories are of different time zones and periods. I have set my books in places like Alaska (1968), Scotland (1943), British East Africa (1898), USA, Germany, and so on. But as a thriller writer publishing on Amazon and other digital platforms, I know I am competing against those writers who use the same character throughout their books, and successfully too. So what made me bring Marcus Blake back in my last novel, Where the Wicked Dwell?” Conceding defeat? Maybe. But if I am to succeed in my genre, and hope readers will like my work, I need to hang on the series character’s coat tails and hope it increases my visibility and sales.

So what’ the book about? Well, first of all, Marcus Blake appeared in my thriller, A Covert War, along with Sir Giles Cavendish, head of M16. Marcus owns a security agency in London, which is more of a hobby than a serious attempt to succeed in business. He is financially independent and not too efficient when it comes to running his business. His secretary, Vereen, is a single mother, on benefits, and works part time for him. One day, Sir Giles turns up at the agency and asks Marcus to investigate the apparent suicide of a British Cabinet minister. He believes the minister was murdered, despite the coroner’s verdict of suicide. Marcus is never afraid to put himself in harm’s way when facing problems or adversaries. He is tough, fearless, and survives
Mainly on gut instinct. As he delves further into the minister’s death, he begins to uncover the faceless figures who wield power in positions of influence in the establishment, and are involved in illegal, genetic engineering and who practice the Satanic arts. Marcus soon finds himself on the run from the police as a murder suspect, but doesn’t give up his pursuit of the men he believes murdered the cabinet minister.

Sir Giles Cavendish (no longer head of M16) features throughout the book as Marcus calls on his help from time to time, but Cavendish’s role is a little more sinister and Marcus begins to doubt his mentor’s reliability.

Marcus’s secretary works as a barmaid at a nightclub in London, moonlighting for cash, where the owner, Winston Abelard, casts his eyes in her direction. Abelard is Haitian, a crook, and a member of the Satanic group responsible for the minister’s death. He pursues Vereen using hypnotism, aiming to bring her to complete submission to his will, and eventual coupling on a Satanic altar.

The title of the book popped into my head as I tried the usual of what to call it. Although we all know about the evil around us, we rarely see or hear of the quiet, sinister people who populate our lives, but wield unquestionable power.

The hunt to find the real culprits behind the minister’s murder takes Marcus into places he would never venture, into a dead village, a priest hole deep beneath an old church, and the evil presence of Dr. Chee.

To date I have had eleven novels published, nine of them traditionally. And although I call myself a thriller writer, I have also penned a romance, Past Imperfect. When I presented that to my publisher, I thought she would turn it down, but she didn’t; she liked it. I don’t have the eBook rights to that yet, so I cannot promote it with price reductions. All my titles are available on Amazon and other digital platforms, and can be seen at my website:

Two of my books have also been published in North America by Harlequin Books.

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