Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I am old-fashioned and do love paper or hard bound books; however, I cannot always resist the temptation to read the ebook versions on my i-pad or telephone.

Here are some thoughts for a person to consider in what format to read:

     1. The feel of a book is very special.

        Ebooks feel only varies from i-pad to telephone.

    2. Some books can weigh a fair amount and be difficult for some people to hold.

        Our electronic books are light and the weight is consistently the same no matter the book size!

    3. The artistry involved in the front and back covers are to be enjoyed and spark an interest in 
        what is between the covers.

        The front covers in ebooks are seen but their vibrancy and artistry are often missed. The back 
        portion of the book jacket is often missing.
        I just have to put a plug in for my book cover designer, Jay Monroe. He has done
       a fantastic job with each of my very different books.
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    4. Photos in the middle or end of the book add to an appreciation of the book's message.

        Such photos are not always shown in ebooks.

    5. For me the textures and smells of a hard-bound book add richness to the experience of 
        being a book reader.

        Ebooks lack that kind of stimulation to the senses.

    6. Paperback and hardbound books are more expensive to purchase, but that is because of
        the higher costs to produce them.

        One can purchase ebooks for quite a bit less money. Some are even free.

    7. A disadvantage to "real books" is the temptation to break the spine so the pages are easier
        to read. To a devoted and true book lover, it is almost a sin to break the spine.

        With our electronic books there is no need nor ability to break the spine!

I hope you have learned from and enjoyed my thoughts. The important conclusion is the tremendous value, beauty, and education from reading a book.
                                           SO KEEP ON READING!

                          INDEPENDENT AUTHORS.



  1. A nice take on print vs. ebooks, Karen. I've got two Kindles and an iPad so I read a lot of ebooks, but I still love the feel and smell of a paperback or hardback. And when it comes to reading non-fiction (no matter the type) I MUST have a paperback or hardback as I like to highlight sections and scribble notes in the margins. I also like paperbacks by the pool or beach, but my Kindle is great for those moments sitting in a doctor's office or even night reading in bed.

    1. I also like the ability to highlight or turn down page corners on certain books. Yes, they are mainly the non-fiction, but sometimes for fiction as well. Glad you were here today.

  2. I generally have two different books going at once. Print book for daytime reading and eBook for evenings. Also, I do love the fact that my eBooks can easily travel with me. However, print books remain a favorite for this readers.

    1. Bette, I have tried to read two different books at one time and my poor brain just cannot handle it! Ebooks are definitely the best when traveling. Thank you for stopping by and giving your feedback.

  3. Print books hold a special place in my home, but the eBook has been very useful to me. I like your thoughts on this. I read a lot of my books on my kindle now (which prevents me from looking at the end) but I still treat myself to a good print book to read and enjoy.

    1. I am glad you keep reading some print books. It is hard to not buy one when you see the cover, title, and short blurb that entice me to pick it up. Thanks for sharing.