Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Books have always been an important part of my life, starting in early childhood. My grandmother Edith worked at a library and she introduced me to the love of books. But I did not realize what it took to be a writer until I began to seriously pursue my love of writing stories. Since being a published author here are some things I have learned:

1. It is can be quite time consuming. 
             **Time to put down in outline form the initial plot,
                   characters, places, and timeline.
             **Research is critical
             **Sitting alone at the computer uninterrupted.
             **Doing rewrites with the editor.
             **Finding a publisher or self-publish
             **Marketing is probably the most time consuming.

2. It can be lonely.
              **I work best undisturbed.
              **My door is often closed.

3. It is a time of creativity and inspiration...or writer's block.
              **Such joy when the words and thoughts are flowing.
              **I step away from the computer for varying amounts
                    of time when writer's block sets in to either meditate,                
                    exercise or do other activities and then return to the
                    computer later on.  
              **I accept writer's block has a fact of life and do not
                    get upset or frustrated.
              **Sometimes talking to my husband or editor is all I
                    need to do to stimulate the creativity.

4. Marketing is the least favorite part of my job description.
               **It means spending inordinate amounts of time on 
                    various social media sites.
               **I enjoy book presentations and launches.
               **I love to write my two weekly blogs.
               **It is challenging to "think outside the box" and be
                    creative in marketing ideas.

5. Editing is a critically important part of being an author
               **Do not be your own editor.
               **Hire a reputable & experienced editor
               **Find an editor with whom you can easily communicate
               **My editor, Angela Wiechmann met 

6. Belong to book clubs, author organizations
               **Join and participate in as many as possible.
               **I belong to Rave Reviews Book Club                                  

               **I joined several Internet author groups
               **You must participate and give your time to these          

7. A book cover and interior
                **Must  reflect the theme of the book
                **The cover must also grab the potential buyer's
                        attention so that he/she will pick up the book.
                **The interior must be clean, orderly, and readable.       

8. Seeing the final published book or article is exciting.
               **Does the cover reflect the story or message?
               **It is a time of pride and celebration.

From Dec. 1-3 Rave Reviews Book Club had its first Writer's Conference & Book Expo. There were author booths, vendor booths, sessions on a variety of subjects, prizes, and much more. Such an exciting event and was a great way to meet other authors, even through the virtual medium.
Thank you to Angela Wiechmann, Dara Beevas, Amy Quale, and Jay Monroe my editors, advisers, and cover designer for their support, guidance, and expertise while I walk the path of a writer.
Thank you, Rave Reviews Book Club for all you do for authors and avid readers. The support, promoting, and opportunities are like none other.
I cannot close this blog without saying "thank you" to 4WillsPublishing for creating wonderful videos and providing blog tours.        


  1. A wonderful blog and a great shout-out to our beloved #RRBC!

  2. Karen, thanks for all your kinds words of RRBC and 4WillsPub! You are definitely one of our favorites, on both ends!