Friday, October 21, 2016


An author is "a writer of a book, article or report." 

                        So what makes a great author?

That is a more difficult question to answer. As readers we each have certain areas of interest...romance, historical, paranormal, and many other genres. However, good grammar is important for most readers. Here are some examples to illustrate the extreme use of poor grammar: 

Five Further Funny Grammatical Errors

  1. It takes many ingredients to make Burger King great but, the secret ingredient is our people. 
  2. Slow Children Crossing.
  3. "Should Madonna be aloud to adopt again?"
  4. Automatic washing machines. Please remove all your clothes when the light goes out.
  5. "Elephants Please Stay In Your Car."  (Warning at a safari park).

Does the plot flow? Is the timeline scattered and the reader easily gets lost? 
        Set up a timeline with a title
            Make a list of events to be included
            15-20 events in a timeline is usually most manageable
            Aim to present a well-rounded history
            Drawing a straight line mark your time line from beginning to ending dates
            Might add photos or facts about the particular time.

How realistic or believable are the characters?
             If you give your character a characteristic mannerism, and use it sparingly but tellingly, that character will take on individuality and stick in the reader's mind.
          Know every detail of your character (temperament, memories, quirks, desires, dreams, etc.)
          Know the inner part of your character (how he/she thinks, beliefs, etc.)
          Write what you know.

At this time let me introduce you to a writer who I believe has met the criteria as a great author. 

Some reviews on Amazon
Gwendolyn Plano has turned a very difficult story into an inspirational and poetic lesson for her readers. This book is eloquently rendered and deeply felt on every level. If pain was the carapace that birthed her enlightened writing, then we have all gained from her experience. Definitely worth a read--or maybe two, if you have ever found yourself in a violent relationship. In spite of its weighty contents, the story flies by. Highly recommended.

With lyrical prose and raw honesty, Gwendolyn opens up her heart and takes our hand to lead us through her spiritual journey from abused wife to a strong woman who finds peace and joy in her life. In an introduction that reads like a love letter to her readers, she describes how sharing her painful past with two abusive husbands helped her find a pathway to healing. 

A powerful and incisive read for anyone who has suffered verbal or physical abuse at the hand or hands of others. This book will help you find your self worth, to regain your self esteem and to love again.


  1. Fantastic review Karen. I'm off to check out the book. :)

    1. It is a great book, Debby. Your paths are similar.