Friday, July 15, 2016


                                  What makes a perfect day for me?

                    Warm sunshine at about 75 degrees...     
                                A comfortable chair...    
                     A glass of iced tea (unsweetened)...  
     And most important...a very good you cannot 
                 put down...but keep turning the pages...
                     wanting to know how it will end...
                      but not wanting the story to end!    

I had a day like that about 40 years ago. My sons had left for school that early fall morning. The sun was shining brightly lighting up the house and giving it a special glow and warmth.

I poured my final cup of coffee, picked up my recently acquired book, and snuggled into my giant leather chair. I opened the book and read non-stop except to get iced tea, lunch, or take care of some private matters! The next thing I knew I heard the boys running up the steps and around the porch to the back door. "We're home, Mom."

  The title of the book was Hawaii by James Michener!   

I kept reading the book while making supper, gave up any television viewing, and read in bed until my eyes became too heavy.

Can you guess what I did the next day? Yes, I was able to finish what turned out to be one of my favorite books. 

So, is this your way of spending a perfect day? What would be your favorite book?      

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