Tuesday, March 22, 2016


                              Thank goodness I do not need to be good in arithmetic
                                                       to be able to read and write!

I started writing when a young girl about ten years old. I wrote poetry, short stories, and later in my twenties I began my first novel. I just finished that novel two years ago. It is based on the true life of my father who was an unhappy man always searching for love and acceptance from his father. When I was a nurse therapist for twenty years I counseled several men with similar histories.www.amazon.com/dp/BO1BO2VQY

My first published book is Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir. Cancer is cancer is cancer. No matter the source of the cancer, all patients travel a similar path with all the same fears, questions, and emotions. This is a memoir of such a journey. I am proud to say it won two awards in women's health and that all proceeds go to ovarian/gynecologic cancer research. www.amazon.com/Outshine-An-Ovarian-Cancer-Memoir

Davida, Augustus Saint-Gaudens Mistress & Model is the fictionalized biography of my great-grandparents love affair. He was America's most renowned sculptor and she was his model. There is very little information about her so I used my imagination to create who my great-grandmother was. www.amazon.com/Davida-Model-Mistress-Augustus-Saint-Gaudens

I also have several published articles in nursing and medical journals. I write two weekly blogs which I find to be one of my favorite activities each week. 

I love to read and spend as much time as I can sitting quietly with a good book. Most of my books are from Rave Reviews Book Club. I suggest you check out this amazing place whether you are an author or a reader. www.ravereviewsbookclub.com.
                                    HAPPY READING & WRITING TO YOU!!

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