Thursday, February 18, 2016


      This is my first blog on this new site and it is about my love for books.

                      Just to smell a can be musty or be fresh as the air outdoors.
                                                     Whatever the condition, I love it.

                    The touch of the paper as you turn it...can be brown edged and tattered,
                                                                     or be crisp and starchy,
                                                                     or firm like linen.
                                                                     The edges might be straight or ruffled.
                                                                     I love the feel of each page.

                             The book might be heavy or does not matter.
                                                 If the weight is too heavy
                                                                I lay it down for a rest.
                                                 Large or small each book is loved.

                      The cover must grab my eyes with either its title, colors or photos.
                          Someday I will put together a book of my favorite covers.

                               The story line is the most important reason I love a book.
                                              The characters must be believable and real
                                                          The language is descriptive
                                                            I must feel some emotion
                                                      I do not want to know the ending!

                  I invite you, my fellow authors and readers, to share why you love books.

                                      And I invite you to my site for an interview. 
                     If you are interested in promoting your book(s) please contact me at 



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