Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC) has been a very helpful and supportive book club during the several years I have been a member. Here are some reasons that make it so successful for me and other authors. It is a book club for authors and readers.

1. The founder, Nonnie Jules works tirelessly to provide opportunities for book and author promotions; a member of her volunteer staff or she is always available; and most important is that members must follow ethical guidelines. Therefore the Code of Conduct is an integral part of this organization and enforced.

2. I have received a few awards or recognitions, which has brought attention to my books and me.

       Top Reviewer
       KCT Top Finalist
       Spotlight Author
       Book of the Month
       Member of Rave Writers International Society of Authors

3. The annual Writer's Conference and Book Expo offers greater exposure of the author's books, special services, and there are educational and helpful inservices.

4. RRBC has several podcasts each month:
         Aspire to Inspire, Bring on the Spotlight, Bring on the Spotlight, Buy the Book to name just a few.

5. Each month there is the Books of the Month, Push Tuesday Author, and Spotlight Author.

6. To support an author's blog and/or book trailer, there are "tours" highlighting them.

7. Rave Writers International Society of Authors (RWISA) is a selected group of Indie writers who have proven excellence in their craft. They are recognized for giving what the reader is seeking: "great, polished reads and writing."

8. There is a monthly magazine, Pay It Forward, book chat, book reviews, and so much more.

I encourage anyone who loves books, is a writer, and is a reader to go to https://ravereviewsbynonniejules.wordpress.com and discover all the services RRBC offers.