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I am pleased to introduce you to Michelle Abbott, our RWISA (Rave Writers' International Society of Authors) RISING WRITER for the month of October. She is an accomplished author of several books, outstanding member of RWISA, and avid reader of romance novels.

I have read two of her books: "In Chains" and "Locked Together." Here is a brief overview of "In Chains" as written in Amazon as well as some reviews.

              A romance set in a world where slavery is government run and slaves are fitted with microchips. 

Savannah, fleeing a turbulent relationship, seeks solace at her brother’s country farmhouse. It’s there that she meets Kayden; her brother’s slave who's considered less than human. These two damaged souls form an unbreakable bond, one that’s about to be tested, because Kayden is her brother’s property and he will stop at nothing to keep them apart.

The plot is an interesting premise and I hope it just stays in the imagination of Ms. Abbott. The world has seen enough slavery, abuse, and brutality throughout history. 

The main character, Savannah (I love the choice of that name) and the slave, Kayden fall deeply in love and are inseparable despite the "humans" trying to keep them apart. There are a lot of very descriptive and long sexual scenes. 

Some reviews:
     I loved the romance part of this story, being a romantic, myself, by nature, but I hated the aspects that dealt with calling a human, “it”, and claiming that a slave does not have a name, and all the other inhuman acts meted out to slaves. This was not an easy book to read. (Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko)

     There were things I enjoyed about this book. I liked the main characters Savannah, heroine and Kayden, the hero. Both were likable people who had noticeable faults. I liked that Kayden was the jealous and possessive hero who was very much in love with Savannah. I liked that Savannah was down to earth and open minded unlike those around her. She was one of the few people that viewed slaves like Kayen as people as opposed to an "it". Both were insecure, which was sad but believable. Kayden was a slave and Savannah was physically and mentally abused by a boyfriend who eroded her confidence and self esteem. The book had an uncommon premise, which was nice.  (justirishgirl)

     What looks like another romance novel, turns out to be a shocking love story, not only by the way characters are depicted, but by the way this fictional society is described. At the beginning it was hard for me to picture a modern society with slavery as described in the story. Great work Ms. Abbott, your creativity makes this story one of a kind, different; no need to go to other planets or centuries in the future of mankind to create such a vivid and credible setting. Better yet, I love a story that makes you feel different emotions. This is one of them. I must say that this has to be one book, not two as it was published in two. Anyway, I just finished and went for the next book. readers, you wont be dissapointed, get the two books at once so you dont waste precious minutes and start reading. To me it was a very emotional story. A very good one.  (Reading rabbit)

"Locked Together" is the sequel to "In Chains" and I recommend that it be read to truly complete the story about Savannah and Kayden. 
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