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I live in Tavares, Florida approximately 25 miles north of Orlando. I am a native San Diego girl (great climate but too crowded), lived in Minnesota for 45 years (Br-r-r-rr-r), now enjoying retirement in Florida (ah-h-h-h-h).
Our home sits on the western shore of Lake Dora. Here is the view from my office. From here I wrote my three books, do my two blogs, and write articles for various sites.

Spring is a time of new buds on trees, flowers in bloom, and young animals exploring life for the first time. I love to watch the alligators, anhingas, ducks, bald eagles, heron, and egrets (to name a few) and I love to garden, play games, and play golf. Being outside in the sunshine is very healing.

         It is a time of renewal and growth and a time for...   

My husband, Jim had three back surgeries in three months starting in August of 2016. He has finally defeated a staph infection at the incision and is doing great. I was giving him IV antibiotics three times a day for three months before he was able to take them orally.

In October of 2016, my cancer came back for the second time! I was back on chemo, but now am successfully recovering from major surgery to remove the tumor. Now it is time for the doctors to decide what to do with a spot (tumor or scar tissue?) on my left lung. 

Jim and I are grateful for your prayers, support, and understanding. My involvement with RRBC has been limited the past several months, but now looking forward to being a more supportive, and more involved member.

It is time to have a book and blog party as only RRBC can do!  What a great organization...join now if you haven't yet.

I invite you to become a follower of my blog here for authors and avid readers, Perhaps you might like to do a guest post as well. My second blog which I invite you to also follow which is about health/wellness, relationships, and spirituality at

I am reintroducing my first two published books. Both books are available at a discounted Kindle price of 0.99 for this weekend only. (*If Amazon does not show these discounted prices, I will offer them again at a later date). If you do not win perhaps you will consider purchasing them. All proceeds from all my books go to gynecologic cancer research. 

“Outshine” is for anyone who has faced or is facing any type of cancer. My cancer was ovarian of which most people know so little. Yet, cancer is cancer and we survivors walk similar paths. In the award winning book, “Outshine” you will learn about healthy methods I used to cope with the cancer…and I still do today though I am in remission.

Here is an excerpt from “Outshine”:
   “I learned from my grandmother and adopted aunt that attitude, acceptance, and determination are important factors in healing the body, mind, and spirit. Those women were, and still are today, wonderful role models for me. They each succeeded in living healthy and productive lives through their positive attitudes, looking at life on earth as a stepping-stone to an even greater place. They worked hard and saw each obstacle as a challenge. Thanks to them, I have always used the word challenge instead of problem, test, or trial. I like challenge because I envision positivity, winning, learning, and growing.
“An important lesson I learned early in life is that the beauty of the soul, the real me and the real you, outshines the effects of cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation. It outshines any negative experience.”

Novy’s Son is my first published novel about one man’s journey through life seeking to receive unconditional love from his father. He did not learn from his father how to be a healthy role model for his children. Without such role models the “Iron John” is lost, a concept popularized by renowned author, Robert Bly. I have based the story on my father, sons, and men I counseled as a nurse therapist for 20 years. This book points to an important role that is too often lost in families, which in turn leads to dysfunctional behaviors.


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Excerpt with the main character, Murray reminiscing:
“As the mother of three sons, Karen talks about the importance of the Iron John principle, which states it’s a father’s role to teach his son about being a man and a father. After her divorce from George, she said she was concerned if George was being the Iron John for their sons. She can get into psychological mumbo jumbo I don’t agree with and don’t want to discuss or think    about. If this is true about my grandfather to my dad and then to me, it doesn’t change anything. According to everyone who knew him, my brother Richard turned out to be a fine young man and would have made a wonderful father. Jack’s life was different and complicated by the diabetes. We all grew up in the same house, had the same father, and we each turned out differently. I am who I am, and that’s all there is to it.”

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