Tuesday, February 21, 2017


As authors who love to write, often we need to set aside goals to help us as follow our dreams. Here are some techniques I use and I invite you to comment and add any methods you use to achieve your writing goals.

1. I set aside the morning hours to take care of the "busy" activities such as tweeting, posting on LinkedIn and Facebook, and checking emails and comments on my blogs.

2. I spend an hour or more writing, researching, or outlining for my next book, article, or blog. 

3. Take frequent breaks to stretch, breathe deeply, and walk around the block or house. These will help you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

4. Remember to feed your body nutritious snacks and meals; drink plenty of water.

5. I find listening to relaxing music without lyrics is conducive to writing. 

6. I designate which days/times I will take care of household responsibilities: laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.

7. I keep notes and names for future blogs; tracking on a calendar specific to writing events, guest blogs, etc. 

These are just goals. They are not written in stone! They are meant to be adjusted, moved around, or acted upon as they best meet my daily needs. The most important thing is that I ENJOY what I am doing. To feel a sense of accomplishment, however small, is important. 

A writer can be his/her own worse enemy or judge. A published writer does not give up, but perseveres.

               Best wishes to each of you that dream to write, write, and create.