Sunday, September 11, 2016


It is with great pleasure that I introduce Michael Giusti as my guest on this week's blog. I "met" Mike through his cousin who shared his book with me. I was immediately impressed with what I read and the true nature of this gentleman. His gift for writing is quite evident and his inner core of strength and wisdom is well revealed. You will enjoy and learn from his book, What To Do When The Wheels Come Off.

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I love the title of your book and the front cover. How did you come up with both of them?

  Whenever something goes wrong I have always heard the old expression “The wheels are coming off.”  Then I realized that when the wheels come off my wheelchair, it just becomes a normal chair to sit in.  Therefore I concluded that having the wheels come off; (adversity), is not always a bad thing and I could grow from the experience.

The cover photo was selected because it represents a path that is uneven and a journey that is uncertain.  Those two aspects alone can make travel more fun.

You say in your forward: “I wrote this book because I believe that we all need to think more kindly and step more carefully through the imposing world we navigate.” Where did such wisdom come from? 

 Due to my physical circumstance, I have always been more of an observer than a participant.    I have just noticed that more people seem rude, rough, and opinionated since the invention of cable news and the internet.  I am a big fan of kindness and civility simply because they work well together.  As I stated in the book: Many intelligent people overestimate the value of their opinion. But this is just my opinion. Page 153

Who is or are your role model(s) and why?

 The biggest role model in my life was my great aunt; Helen Zeleny.  Everyone knew her as “nanny”.  She was simply the kindest, smartest, and most gentle person I have ever known!  Today my biggest role models are two younger friends of mine: Cameron Arnoult and Luke Garris.  They possess all the qualities of my “nanny” plus they are consistent and very easy to be around.

Your book is divided into three sections: Journey Begins, Pressing Forward, and Final Stretch. Within each section are inspirational and teaching quotes.  It appears that they are all your own original thoughts. Please comment how you came upon these thoughts? Were you meditating? Did you struggle to come up with them?

  The idea for most of my thoughts came early in the morning or late at night when my mind was  relaxed.  I just started to pay attention whenever I would talk to myself.  The struggle came later when I tried to refine an idea and sometimes that process took weeks.  Quite often the original premise would fall away and give birth to a deeper concept.  For me, the most entertaining part of the book is the wordplay and the double constructs.

You must be an inspiration to others. You have a career, you volunteer, and find time to work for your political party. You have not let your physical condition keep you from slowing down.  Please comment on how and what motivates you?

 The thing that motivates me most is a desire to contribute and make things better.  I enjoy relationships and laughter more than anything else.  How I do it is rather simple.  I just view the new day as another opportunity and blessing.  I try to keep pushing forward under all conditions just because I still can.

I have certain things I do (meditation, positive thinking, exercising, etc.) in dealing with my ovarian cancer. How have you coped with your diagnosis of cerebral palsy?

  My mother was a PE teacher and my daddy was a coach and they never prevented me from doing anything I wanted to do.  I never was an inspirational disabled athlete but I always knew I was emotionally intelligent.  I have always had the ability to communicate well because my Cerebral Palsy does not affect my speech or hands and I have been blessed with an ability to empathize with others.  But I feel my two biggest strengths are my “sense of humor” and my stronger “sense of serious.

Do you have plans for another book? If so, tell us a little about it.

 I am telling my friends it took me 62 years to write my first book so my next one will be out when I am 124 years old!  I still plan to write and share my thoughts but getting my first book to press was HARD!

"Thank you Karen for this lovely opportunity.  I plan to follow your example and try to help others find success and a deeper happiness." (Michael Giusti)


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