Tuesday, August 30, 2016


                 Writing has been an important part of my life since I was a preteen.
                 I started with the popular and simple: a daily diary under lock & key.
                 I quickly began to write poems and short stories.
                 When I was in college I began to write my first novel.

Writing is therapeutic:

             I "talked" about my feelings, fears, and possible solutions to a dysfunctional childhood.
             I was free to express myself without repercussions.
             I always felt better after I wrote anything.

Writing is fun:

             When writing I can create the world and people however I want them to be.
             I can say just about anything I want without repercussions.
             I tell jokes or funny stories.
             I share inspirational thoughts, quotes, stories.

Writing is educational:

             In school my two favorite assignments were book reports and term papers.
             In college essay tests were my favorite.
            When I wrote Davida: Model & Mistress I did a lot of research.
             I have written several articles for nursing and health journals.

Plain and simply put, I love to write. I get lost in my own world and enjoy the creativity and the learning experience. And that is why I write.

                             Quotes from some famous authors:

“When I sit down to write a book, I do not say to myself, ‘I am going to produce a work of art.’ I write it because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing.”

—George Orwell

“I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.” —Ray Bradbury,

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”

—Virginia Woolf

“There are no laws for the novel. There never have been, nor can there ever be.”
—Doris Lessing
“I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.”
—Ray Bradbury, WD

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Welcome to Rave Reviews Back to School Book & Blog Party
Mind, Pen, and Spirit
(A new blog site by Karen Ingalls)
 Tavares, Florida 

                               (The Seaplane Capital of the U.S.)

    We live on Lake Dora and this is the 
    view from my office. It inspires me
    while I write, blog, and prepare talks.     
    I am blessed: I have 3 books published;    
    I'm an 8 year cancer survivor; and I 
    have a wonderfully supportive family.

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Today I am highlighting my most recent novel, which is very near and dear to my heart. It is based on the true story of the love affair between my great-grandparents. I did extensive research on Augustus for which there was extensive papers, books, and articles about him and his work. The only thing we know about Davida is that was her model name, her birth first name was Albertina, and she was from Sweden. This gave me the freedom to create the personality, hopes and dreams of my great-grandmother. From one reliable source she was described as being very sweet, friendly, and always with a smile on her face.


 Please listen to this video of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, which was Saint-Gaudens favorite piece of music. With his magnificent tenor voice he could be heard humming or singing it. 

                                 An excerpt from Davida: 
               Model & Mistress of Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Suddenly we heard Mr. Saint-Gaudens voice saying, “You are watching my brother Louis, who is my right-hand man and an artist in his own right. Come, let me introduce you.” He extended his left arm inviting us to follow him.
As we neared I could hear the brother’s baritone voice shouting instructions, “Take a little more there; no, Samuel, strike the chisel with firmness but gently; or that is good, very good.” He waved his arms over and around like he was conducting an orchestra. I found it magical.
“Louis, my dear brother, stop your work for just a moment please,” Mr. Saint-Gaudens said these words with such love in his voice. After introducing us, and some small talk Mr. Saint-Gaudens went on, “This is the young lady I was telling you about that I would like to sketch. Do you agree that she is perfect for the Morgan tomb?”
The two brothers exchanged their impressions and thoughts, sometimes in English, but mainly in French. They walked around never taking their eyes off of me and I felt mixed emotions of embarrassment and pride. I heard phrases “angular head, high cheekbones, and vibrant eyes.” My cheeks felt warm, my heart began to beat fast, and my knees began to shake. I had never experienced such attention. I glanced over at Mother, who was watching and listening trying to understand the words and gestures. Once again I asked myself the same question, “Am I really pretty?”
I was suddenly brought out of my dream-like state when I heard Mother say, “Come Albertina, it is time to return home.” She turned to the two artists and said, “Perhaps you will come to our home on Sunday at 4:00 in the afternoon to discuss your ideas for Albertina. I want my sister Ingrid, and her husband to be a part of whatever decision we make. They have lived in this country long enough to have a good command of the English language. Besides, they are my only family and I trust their judgment in all things.”

Mr. Saint-Gaudens bowed and replied, “Of course, Madam, I will be there. Before you leave, I would like you both to meet my wife and have some tea. Our apartment is just a short walk from here.”

I just learned yesterday that Davida: Model & Mistress was named the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award winner in the "literary fiction" category.  I am honored.

                         All three of my books (Kindle) are available 
                           for 0.99 Aug. 24-28 in U.S. & U.K.
               Available through Amazon: myBook.to/SaintGaudens
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Welcome to Rave Reviews Back to School Book & Blog Party
Mind, Pen, and Spirit 
In sunny Tavares, Florida

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                              (For U.S. residents only)

       My name is Karen Ingalls and my claims to fame are:
           Retired nurse.
           Master's degree in psychology & human development.       

 Eight year ovarian cancer survivor.

         Lifetime writer, recent published author, blogger.
         Public speaker, advocate, and volunteer.
         Proud member of Rave Reviews Book Club.
         A firm believer in the power of love and God.
                      I write two blogs each week. 
        about relationships, health/wellness, spirituality
                for authors/writers and avid readers.

          Love is the theme of this beautiful song,
   performed by Tow'rs.   (proud to say my granddaughter is the cellist)      


                   LOVE OF SELF      LOVE OF GOD       LOVE IN  A FAMILY                                                         LOVE OF GOD

                 (About love of self and love of God)

   This is about my  journey with ovarian cancer, how I coped with it, and how it was a life
learning lesson. No matter which type of cancer a person has, we each go through
the same experiences and emotions. Cancer always invokes tremendous fear and a
feeling that death is "just around the corner." Yet, not all cancers are terminal. 

  I believe that we are to learn and grow from whatever challenge in life we face. And I
know that the beauty of the soul, the real me and the real you will outshine any effects
from chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

Three brief quotes from the book:
         "I remained in a meditative state of abdominal breathing, focusing on
               God's healing light, and repeating words of comfort and peace."

               "I have learned that any rain that falls in my life is just droplets, and
                it's up to me whether I will let those droplets flood away my spirit."

            "When you talk about healing, you're including the way you live your life."

                                 All proceeds go to gynecologic cancer research.

AMAZON reviews:
Very positive story. I like the author's frame of mind and her very useful tips
 for avoiding, confronting, and surviving cancer, whatever form it might take.

The author's inspirational journey takes her through learning, loving, faith, and on to living again. 

This book is not only for those enduring the trials of ovarian cancer, but any challenge.

Having been through the cancer experience twice, once as a patient and once as a caregiver for my husband, I heartedly recommend this as essential reading for anyone with personal experience with the disease. I wish I had read this seven years ago for me and seventeen for my husband.

                    (Love between a father and son)

This book is based on the myth of the "Iron John" popularized by Robert Bly in
the 1980's. The importance of the father's role in raising and being a healthy role
model for his son cannot be overestimated. Too many boys grow up without 
a father or with one who does not know how to be a father. 
I was a nurse my therapist for 20 years and worked with a number of men who did not 
have a healthy father-son relationship, or not one at all. My grandfather did not learn how 
to teach his sons the Iron John principle so all three sons struggled to be fathers to their
sons and daughters. Each of them sought love and approval from their dad, which is the
center of the book, Novy's Son.

Two excerpts:
         "He relied on logic and the sciences for answers and therefore had 
              lived his life without much emotion. His stoicism was who he was. Now
              his tears were sadness for the loss of the woman he had loved for fifty-
              two years."

              "Dad was not close to his father, who devoted most of his time to his 
              first love, sculpting."

                               **Please note there are two editions. Second edition
                                          includes factual names and places.

                                           Book Trailer for Novy's Son                           

AMAZON reviews:
The thing that struck me the most about this biographical novel was the way the author, Karen
Ingalls was able to reflect social changes surrounding the main character, Murray.

It intrigued me because it's a morality tale of ambition, love and family gone wrong,

It is truly amazing when an author can make a reader dislike the main character SO MUCH that it only compels you to read more! Read this book. It will most definitely make you think

                  DAVIDA: MODEL & MISTRESS OF 
                      AUGUSTUS SAINT-GAUDENS
                (A sculptor's love affair with his model) 

   Though this is based on a true event, it is fictionalized because there is very
little factual information about Davida. We only know her first name by birth, her 
name as a model, and that she was born in Sweden. I therefore created Davida
as I think she might have been. Since Augustus Saint-Gaudens was the premier
sculptor from 1880-1920, I had many resources of information from which to
learn about his art and what kind of a person he was.    
Two excerpts:                   
          "The two brothers walked around me while never taking their 
                eyes off me. They exchanged their impressions and thoughts 
                sometimes in English, but mainly in French. I heard phrases such as 
               'angular head,' 'high cheekbones,' and 'vibrant eyes.'"

             "He has professed a love, or feelings, for me. And I have seen 
                and overheard things to make me believe he is not happy in his
                marriage with Mrs. Saint-Gaudens. I just want to be with him and 
                please him. I am happiest when I am with him. That is what is in 
                my heart."

                           Based on a true story of America's premier sculptor in the late
                              nineteenth century and his model, my great-grandparents

Amazon reviews:
This story is beautifully written and captivated me from start to finish.

The history is well-researched making it easy to feel the way life moved and changed from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. I had to go look up Augustus Saint-Gaudens' actual works which are amazing. 

She so eloquently describes Davida, her great-grandmother, that the reader is pulled into an intimate connection with her. The story is both full of warmth and love yet somewhat sad that Davida and Augustus Saint-Gaudens never marry. The story also gives the reader a glimpse inside the creative world of a great American sculptor.

          All three of my books (Kindle) are at 0.99
                 from August 24-28 in USA & UK


I hope you have had fun at my book and blog party today. Don't forget to leave a comment and be eligible for one of the prizes.


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